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Host a Hustings

In the run up to the local elections this May we want to encourage you to host a hustings in your ward!

Why? Well, a hustings is a great way to raise awareness and educate election candidates about issues important to you and your community. We don’t often get the opportunity to directly address our political representatives, but at a hustings you can do just that. It's a chance to sound out your candidates on equality issues and take a step towards putting gender equality on the agenda alongside the other issues important to you and your community.

We talked to Moira from Scone who was part of a group that hosted a hustings during the last local elections to find out how they did it.

Why did you decide to hold a hustings?

We had a particular issue in our local community that we wanted addressed. We wanted to find out from our candidates what were they going to do about it.

Was it easy to organise? Were candidates responsive and was your event well attended?

It was easy to organise as people in the community were already engaged with the issue and there was an appetite for such an event. Candidates were keen to be heard and we had a good response when we contacted the various political parties. The event ended up being very well attended.

What did you get out of holding a hustings?

The best thing I got out of the event was being able to clearly see who knew what they were talking about. Who was driven and had done their homework before attending. It would be hard to tell that without hearing candidates speak directly.

Would you do it again?


What advice would you give to others hosting a hustings event?

As well as asking questions on specific topics ask them why they want to do it, what drives them.

Interested in holding your own hustings? For more information, download this short guide:

Host a Hustings
Download PDF • 701KB

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