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Find out details of our current and past projects that have been run under the umbrella organisation of Gender Equality Perth here. See our Perth Women's Collective page for details of our Perth Women's Collective programme. If you would like any further information on any of our projects please get in touch.

Project Archive

Networking, Partnerships and Peer mentoring

GEP aims to promote gender equality through networking and partnership. We have started to build a network of community groups who we work with to share practice and experience. We are committed to providing a space for local women to meet, converse, network and explore different perspectives, bringing new light to experiences, challenges and questions. Working in partnership with other community groups we offer peer mentoring sessions to share experiences and perspectives on all aspects of life. Keep an eye on our upcoming events page for details.

We also regularly run Pecha Kucha events which invites members to present 20 slides for 20 seconds each to share their personal experiences.

GEP has joined a special focus group created by Culture Perth and Kinross with the aim of examining the representation of women in the development of the new City Hall museum. In it’s early days, the exact remit and membership of the group is still under discussion but it is hoped it will lead the way on a new method of working.

If you are interested in working with Gender Equality Perth please get in touch.

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Safety Mapping

This project saw the hosting of four workshops with different groups of local women, with the aim of exploring how women feel about safety in their lives and particularly in the context of Perth, through a creative process and discussion. Local artists Helen O’Brien and Anna Kelso were  commissioned to lead the workshops and create an artistic response at the end of the project that reflected the findings of the workshops. The resulting artwork was projected on the wall of St Paul's Church and Mill Street in Perth  as part of the programme for the 16 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women.

Read the project report with artist's statement here.

Two women work together at the safety mapping workshop

Perth Women's Collective

Gender Equality Perth runs Perth Women's Collective. Find out more on our dedicated page.

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Host a hustings

In the run-up to the 2022 local elections, GEP encouraged people to host a hustings in their ward. A hustings is a great way to get to know your local candidates and ask them about the issues that matter to you.

Local councils make decisions about how money is spent to provide local public services. It is important that Councillors look at these services through an equality lens in order to ensure that what is provided works for everyone. 

Councillors are your elected representatives, so it is important to get to know your candidates, share with them the issues that are important to you and ask them to put gender equality on the agenda! Our guide to hosting a hustings is available on our resources page.

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Equal Parenting

This project aimed to provide a welcoming, safe space for conversation and learning; to encourage a discourse around gender equality in the context of parenting; and to raise awareness of unconscious bias and the harm of gender stereotyping from a young age. Each workshop focused on a theme including an introductory session, language, toys/clothes, books/television and a final session focused on taking action. The resources produced from this project are available here. Funded by Perth's Common Good Fund.

Three children read a book together

Raise the Roof

Gender Equality Perth have participated in Perth’s Raise the Roof project to celebrate the lives of 22 women of Perthshire throughout time. The project invited local community groups to select and research a trailblazing local woman to contribute towards the project which culminated in a sculpture trail around the city. We selected Jess Smith, a Scottish author, poet and storyteller who was born in 1948 into a travelling community and who has done incredible work to advocate for her culture and her people.  Jess is the last of the travellers from her family and she carries on the rich tradition of storytelling and keeping the language alive. We were lucky enough to interview Jess and hear her colourful and passionate stories first hand. Read more about what we found out here.


Gender Friendly Nursery

The Gender Friendly Nursery initiative originated in Glasgow as a vehicle for promoting positive messages and good practice around gender stereotyping in the early years and beyond. The aim is to promote approaches that can help to bring about the culture change that is required to tackle gender inequality and the range of negative public health outcomes that it drives. We have undertaken training with the Gender Friendly Nursery team and have exciting plans to work with early years settings to achieve GFN status in the future.

Two children play with a doll
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